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Turtle BeachApril 19, 2022

Valorant Agent 20 Fade: Release Date, Abilities And Everything You Need To Know

What agent is next?

It's been a minute since a new Agent landed in Valorant. With speculation of who will be following after the launch of Neon, attention has turned to Riot themselves for answers.

While the mystery of Valorant’s next Agent remains locked behind closed doors, eagle-eyed fans are already attempting to piece together clues which may have slipped through the cracks.

The next agent has now been confirmed to be called "Fade" and we know so much about her already!

Here's what we know about Fade in Valorant.

When Will Agent 20 Be Released In Valorant?

Fade will be released during Episode 4 and is expected to release with Act 3. This is the most logical time for Riot to push a new agent, given Act 2 has seen a notable absence.

Riot has traditionally gotten into the habit of releasing a new agent every few Acts.

Who Is Agent 20?

Fade is the brand new agent coming into Valorant during Episode 4 Act 3, and Riot has finally officially confirmed the appearance of her.

Bounty Hunter

A clue has finally been given in regards to who the new agent might be, and it comes in the form of a voicemail left to Brimstone from Sova and Viper.

It reads "Cypher’s network is invaluable, but it’s a crutch. It doesn’t replace our need for agents in the field. We’re losing, Brim. If we’re going to survive, we need more information. We need more eyes."

As well, this image depicts that the new agent count be hidden from Sova and Cypher's recon abilites!

Along with this, a new blog post was made on the official Valorant website with a teaser image attached.

While the blog post wasn't directly about discussing the new Agent, it did tee up some speculation for what we may expect.

Signing off with "Herkesin bir korkusu var" (Everyone has a fear) it seems to back-up the notion that the new agent is a Hunter.

@ValorLeaks recently tweeted that this agent's codenamed is 'BountyHunter', as it was added to the files.

What We Know About Agent 20?


BountyHunter is almost certainly going to be an Initiator. As detailed in the blog post, Josh Gosciki explains:

"There have been a lot of conversations within the Characters team around Initiators, specifically Sova. His Initiation tools are unique in that they rely on reconnaissance and information gathering to give you and the team tools to decide your next step."

"So the notion of another Agent that revolves around the information gathering aspect of the tactical loop has, for a while, been top of mind for us."

"Within that space we had a dream for something new, so when “NickWu”joined the team (previously part of Premium Content) we put his expert eyes on this opportunity. Our focus early on was identifying unique gameplay differences within the realm of recon/info, and landed in a space that has more “localized” Initiation and recon tools."

"This next Agent should give you a more…intimate feeling when hunting down enemies. Of course, there is our theme—but the thought of giving away too much frightens me so I’ll leave that out."


We have very little information regarding their abilities so far, but given this Agent is about hunting down enemies, it will no doubt involve a form of reconnaissance and information collecting.

@ValorLeaks has supposedly leaked the abilities for the next agent:

  • Prowler (C): Send out a creature that can follow trails OR be controlled by moving your mouse. Upon reaching an enemy, they will be Nearsighted for 3s. Only 1 Creature per Trail.
  • Seize (Q): Equip and Fire an Orb which will stay in the air for a max of 1.5s, and then slam to the ground. When the orb hits the ground Enemies within the radius will be tethered, and will take damage and be deafened.
  • Haunt (E): Equip and Fire an Orb which will stay in the air and then hit the ground. Then it will go back into the air and turn into an eye. If Enemies get seen by the eye they will be revealed and a trail debuff is applied.
  • NightFall (X): Send out a wave of dark mist. If the mist hits an enemy, they will be Deafened, Trailed, and Decayed.

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