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Turtle BeachMarch 31, 2022

Rainbow Six Siege Finally Adds Rick And Morty Skins


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 March 31, 2022


Ubisoft has just dropped their third Rick and Morty themed DLC bundle for Rainbow Six Siege, and thank the lord this latest drop has finally added some actual Rick And Morty skins.

The first Rick and Morty themed DLC bundle allowed players to transform the character Smoke into the Pickle Rick Rat Suit, while Sledge fans could dress as a Gromflomite. Whilst the second DLC drop gave Thermite a Krombopulos Michael makeover, and Ace players a Mr. Meseeks inspired skin. But now, players are finally dressed to impress (or terrify), as the titular characters from the popular Adult Swim animation.

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The third Rick and Morty collaboration bundle is now available and allows you to transform Siege characters Fuze and Doc into Rick and Morty, respectively. On top of the skins, these bundles also give players two new operator backgrounds, some weapon skins and a few charms. This time around the weapon charms are based on fan favourite characters Squanchy and Mr. Poopybutthole from the show.

As with the past DLC,  individual characters can be purchased for 2,160 Siege credits, which equates to about ₤15 in real money, or 4,080 credits for the pair.

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