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Turtle BeachMarch 12, 2020

Nioh 2: What You Need To Know


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Nioh 2 delivers even more brutal, adrenaline-fueled combat than its critically acclaimed predecessor.

 March 12, 2020


The satisfying-yet-unforgiving combat of the Dark Souls series is an absolute fan-favorite, and has since been shamelessly picked up by other games to help make their own unique and exciting worlds come to life for those brave enough to enter them. One title that was able to capture this popular combat style to a tee was 2017’s Nioh, which saw players thrust into 17th century Japan to face off against hordes of threatening human, and non-human, enemies. The success of this particular soulslike appears to have been carried into 2020 with the release of it’s sequel, Nioh 2. This second entry in Team Ninja’s action role-playing series once again has players travelling to Japan’s past to experience a thrilling new adventure, where even more formidable and supernatural threats await them.

To help you prepare for the upcoming battles, we’ve gathered together some of the most significant things players should know before stepping foot into this fantastical and dangerously hardcore ninja adventure. 

Hide the rogue mercenary in yokai form facing down a hulking yoki oni beast.

Keeping an eye on your Amrita Gauge and exploring each weapon’s movesets are key to making it through Nioh 2 like a real ninja.

What To Expect

Nioh 2 may be the second entry in this franchise, but it’s actually a prequel to the events of the first game. Players will travel back to the 1500’s Sengoku era of Japan and the deadly Dark Realm, where both human and non-human threats are waiting to eliminate them in vicious fashion. These non-human threats are evil demons known as yōkai, who will not show the slightest hint of mercy when you face off against them.

Players will be able to create their own playable character as opposed to the first game, where you controlled an Irish warrior-turned-samurai named William. This go-around, your character is a rogue mercenary that is also a former yōkai, which means you have the power to use a variety of yōkai abilities to destroy the monstrous threats you will come across. However, if you prefer, there is always the option of going the more traditional route of the samurai, and specialize in utilizing conventional weapons like swords and hatchets to dispose of your enemies. These weapons and abilities will be fueled by a freshly revamped gameplay system that builds upon the elements that made the first title such a hit with the community.

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Embrace Your Yokai

Another new feature for the sequel is the Amrita Gauge, which allows players to use their character’s yōkai form – which can be a potent asset in battle. Filling up your Amrita Gauge also will enable you to increase the stats of your weapons and add bonuses to them like the ability to stagger enemies or grapple enemies that are downed.

This high-profile title brings back the almost-multiplayer feature allowing for players to call upon fellow players to aid them in fights. This feature allows players to call upon specters of two other Nioh 2 players that are controlled by the game itself. These specters will then help you combat your fiercest enemies, up until the end of the level where they were summoned or when they are defeated by an enemy.

A warrior wielding dual axes faces off against a hideous horse-headed yokai

With multiple character options and weapons to choose from and customize, your mercenary will be uniquely your own.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Dark Souls players will feel right at home in Nioh 2, with its hack-slash combat that puts an extreme focus on choosing your strikes strategically and not being greedy with your damage output. However, there is a vast opportunity for you to completely customize your fighting style in Nioh 2 in ways Dark Souls and other games like it have not been able to accomplish. Nine weapon types provide three different move sets for players to use. These movesets offer a broad array of various attacks they can use at any moment to help confuse their enemies and provide plenty of options to make every battle different and exciting in its own way. It is hard to find something more satisfying than beating a demanding boss with new moves you decided to try out and mastering them to their highest potential.

Team Ninja is ready to once again provide players with a challenging and rewarding combat experience intertwined with an exciting and gripping world set in one of the critical periods of human history. Fans looking for their next action-packed and exhilarating gaming adventure will do themselves no disservice by jumping into Nioh 2.

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