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Turtle BeachDecember 18, 2018

Name That Super Smash Bro!


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December 18, 2018

Once you’ve unlocked its full roster, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate offers over 70 fighters to play as. More impressive is that, barring a couple of clones, each brings a unique and identifiable fighting style to the game. When it comes to design and animation, Nintendo has done a fantastic job at differentiating the fighters from one another.

At Turtle Beach however we’re all about the audio, so how well does Ultimate’s roster hold up there? We’ve created a quiz to challenge your Smash Ultimate auditory knowledge and see just how recognizable each fighter is. Consider yourself a Smash expert? Let’s put that to the test with Name That Super Smash Bro!

Name That Super Smash Bro

If you’re a Smash fan like us then we’ve no doubt that you know your Kirby from your Jigglypuff. But do you reckon you can tell the difference between Chrom, Roy and Marth’s voices? We’ve put together a video quiz to test your game knowledge and your hearing.

Watch the video below, listen to the sound effects or voice lines, then try to guess which Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter made it. Remember, you can always pause the video if you need more time to think. Of course, this will all be much easier with a nice set of Turtle Beach headphones, but you knew that already. Keep track of how many you get right to find out what sort of Smasher you are at the end…

How many were you able to identify? Check the score sheet below to see how you measure up as a Smasher.

# of Correct Answers

You are…

0-3 Kirby: There are a heck of a lot of fighters in Ultimate, but honestly you’re just here for a good time with your friends.
4-6 Bowser: Who needs to learn the names of your enemies when all you’re here to do is crush them? You remember Mario, Peach and Yoshi. That’s enough, surely.
7-9 Fox McCloud: You’re an old hand at Smash and recognize most of the faces you fight, but new ones keep on arriving! How could anyone remember them all?
10-13 Robin: A master tactician, you study each and every one of your opponents carefully to ensure victory.
14-15 Mewtwo: You’ve ascended beyond the petty squabbles of mortal beings to near divinity. Nothing lies beyond your knowledge.

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