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Turtle BeachJanuary 27, 2023

Magma vs Magma Mini (Which Keyboard Is The Best For You? What's The Difference?)

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With the Magma Mini Gaming Keyboard now revealed, gamers can enjoy a 60% form-factor keyboard without the pricey tag.

Given this is based off of an existing keyboard model, the Magma, you might be curious what the key differences are between the two.

So what's so exciting about this new keyboard compared to the original? Here are the similarities and differences between the Magma and the Magma Mini.

Magma vs Magma Mini


The keyboards are quite similar, as you would expect. Both these membrane keyboards feature a translucent top plate, contain anti-ghosting technology, they’re both compatible our AIMO technology and can be synced with other products and have our Easy Shift technology.


One of the most obvious differences between these two keyboards is the size. Compared to the full size Magma, the Magma Mini is a 60% keyboard. So it strips away some of the less popular buttons such as the numpad and the navigation keys. So if you play on a low DPI setting, you can make those large sweeping movements with your mouse much easier without knocking into your keyboard.


Given the size difference, it’s no surprise to hear that the Mini has less surface area for RGB lighting. While both utilise an identical 5-zone RGB setup, given the reduced size of the Mini you’ll notice that the lights are brighter because of the reduced size. So if you’re a big RGB fan, you’re going to benefit more from the full-sized Magma.

Spill & Dust Resistant

It’s no surprise that the Mini has a few unique features, given its newer, such as the fact it is spill and dust-resistant. If you’re prone to spillages, the Magma Mini is much more suited for you and will easily brush off those accidental spills during your gaming thrills.

Detachable Wrist Rest

Comfort is important to many keyboard users, so a wrist rest can be quite vital. This is something the full-sized Magma possesses that the Mini does not. Yes, the Magma comes with a detachable palm rest for those that want more support for their wrists when using the keyboard.

Left-Mounted Cable

If you’re conscious about wires and keeping your setup tidy, the Magma Mini’s USB cable is mounted to the left of the keyboard, compared to the Magma, where it is in the centre. This can make it easier to organise and less invasive on your desk space.


If none of these differences has helped make up your mind, then the one factor that tends to sway people is the price. The full-sized Magma costs $59.99, compared to the Magma Mini which is just $49.99. It’s a small price difference between the two, so it will really depend how tight your budget is and whether you think the full size Magma.


Overall, there's not a massive amount separating the two when it comes to performance. Both have a 1000hz polling rate and are going to be fairly similar with your results. The big differences come in the visual looks and your needs. If you like having all the buttons a full-size keyboard comes with, opt for the Magma. If you want to clear up your desk space, then the Magma Mini is the way to go.

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