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Turtle BeachFebruary 9, 2022

Lost Ark How To Get Trade Skills


Lost Ark is the latest MMORPG that has released worldwide, and similar to New World, the hype has been building for some time.

Another game published by Amazon Game Studios, the game much like any other MMO has certain skills players can level up over their game.

These are similar to ones we've seen in New World such as Mining and Fishing, and we're going to breakdown how players can unlock these in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark How To Get Trade Skills

Trade Skills are bascially all the trades within the game and how good your character is at each of them.

For instance, my character may be higher level in Fishing, but lacking in terms of Hunting and Logging.

Trade Skills initially open up during the Crown of Lakebar quest, and once you have this complete you're able to purchase the gear for each Trade Skill.

However, you have to seek out the Adventure Quest within certan sectors of the map, as without this quest, you cannot use the Trade Skill!

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