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Turtle BeachMay 23, 2022

Bel'Veth League of Legends Champion: Release Date, Abilities, Lore And Everything You Need To Know

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League of Legends next Champion, Bel'veth has been a hot topic as of late within the community, and as players gear up to get a first look at a brand new character, there's some content we already know.

We're going to breakdown some of the leaked abilties surrounding Bel'Veth and when players can expect to test out this new Champion.

Bel'Veth Abilties

The latest Champion, Bel'Veth has been teased for a decent period of time, but recently, YouTuber Ryscu, posted a gameplay video showcasing the new character's abilites.

We'll post the video down below, along with a summary of Bel'Veth's abilties.

  • Passive – Death In Lavender
    All enemies, including champions, monster camps, epic monsters, and super minions drop something when they die. The Empress can collect these objects to stack her passive, which forms a swarm based on the number of stacks. The passive also grants lifesteal against jungle camps to Bel’Veth. If she attacks a turret or epic monster, she sends her swarm to attack it, healing her and damaging the enemy, thus consuming all stacks.
  • Q – Void Surge
    Bel’Veth has an “arrow” that crosses diagonally.

    Active: Bel’Veth dashes, dealing damage and slowing enemies.
    When the Empress damages a champion or epic monster in the direction of the arrow with her dash, Void Surge’s cooldown is fully restored and can be cast again. When used against small monsters or minions, it will restore 40 percent of the ability’s cooldown. Void Surge activates her passive when used to pass through enemies while in Endless Banquet.
  • W – Above and Below
    Bel’Veth goes underground for a short time, gaining movement speed and allowing her to pass through walls. She then emerges, dealing damage, knocking up, and stunning all opponents in a small area for a short duration. While the Empress uses Above and Below while in Endless Banquet, she becomes untargetable.
  • ​E – Royal Maelstrom
    Bel’Veth starts channeling a vortex, which impairs her movement and starts pulling all enemies toward her, damaging them for each second they stand in the maelstrom. While using her E, the Empress will take less damage and convert a percentage of all damage received into damage dealt to attackers. Using Royal Maelstrom while in Endless Banquet, Bel’Veth will deal a percentage of true damage and can create an AoE damage explosion at the end of her ability.
  • R – Endless Banquet
    The Empress’ ultimate buffs all her abilities and transforms into her true form for a few seconds, a duration that can be extended while in combat. While using Endless Banquet, Bel’Veth gains HP, magic resistance, armor, and damage. While in her true form, Bel’Veth heals for a percentage of HP based on the collected passive stacks. She can use her stacks to form a swarm of fish-like monsters, damaging enemy champions nearby. The swarm will die after a short period of time, but its duration can be extended by killing opponents.
Bel'Veth Release Date

As of now, we still don't know when Bel-Veth is going to release for players, but we're eager to test out the new Jungler.

So, we're going to keep our eyes peeled regarding Bel-Veth's release date so be sure to check back often!

Bel'Veth Lore

Fascinated by the world of existence and eager to create one for herself, Bel’Veth is like a dark cancer that has metastasized within the heart of the Void, through which all of Runeterra will be consumed and rebuilt in her own twisted image. She hungers for new experiences, memories, and concepts in vast amounts, devouring whole cities and their populations before repurposing the information into a sprawling alien landscape known as the Lavender Sea. Yet even the Void is not safe from her voracity as she spreads within it like a primordial ocean, forcing all before her to submit to her world of want... or be destroyed.

Though Bel’Veth is new to Runeterra, her birth is untold millennia in the making—the end result of an allergic reaction between the Void and a nascent reality. The once-pristine dimension of peaceful nothingness was irrevocably shattered when existence came into being, and forcefully individualized Void entities lashed out for eons in an attempt to defend themselves from the shock and pain. Erasing everything they consumed, they were named by virtue of what they left behind—a void. But the beings within were changed each time they touched the world, mutating from their once-perfect forms into hedonistic, violent animals.

So too did the Void change with them. After every battle, every incursion, something more sinister grew deep within a hidden womb inside the darkest recesses of the Voidborn tunnels... Buildings, sunlight, proto-humanoid limbs reaching toward nothing... A jigsaw puzzle where none of the pieces fit... The Void had taken a new, hideous shape. In time, fueled both by humans opening rifts for war and the Watchers attempting to invade the Freljord, this blasphemous pocket of un-creation grew to embrace the opposites of the Old Void: desire, want, and need.

Soon enough, it craved a leader. Someone—or something—who could write a horrific new chapter in the worlds above and below. A leader who could interface with these “humans,” tell them of what was to come, and harvest their emotions and memories as they fought a bitter, fruitless war until the last fires of civilization died and a new era spawned.

This leader is Bel’Veth. A terrifying empress born from the combined memories, experiences, and emotions of an entire devoured port city and its outlying ocean—Bel’Veth’s mind contains millions of years of perfectly preserved knowledge, giving her near-omniscience as she prepares to destroy both Runeterra and the domain of her progenitors, the Watchers.

To those lucky enough to be of strategic value to her, she does not lie, ask questions, nor obfuscate the truth—she simply states the nature of things, for with victory all but assured thanks to the very nature of the Void itself, there is no need to say anything more. And to those who displease her, they will find her human form to be merely adaptational—nerve endings, muscles, and eyestalks—as she unfurls her titanic wings to reveal her true, monstrous figure.

Ironically, the ancient Shurimans had a word for such a concept. Loosely translated to “God of Oblivion,” it was a tribal myth of a remorseless deity who would erase all things without hatred, replacing them with itself. They named the city of Belveth after it, though the true meaning was lost after many hundreds of years.

Lost to all, perhaps, save for the creature that city has become.

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