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Turtle BeachJanuary 19, 2022

Halo Infinite: Cyber Showdown Challenge Guide


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Halo Infinite 2077

Halo Infinite: Cyber Showdown Challenge Guide


January 19, 2022

If Cyberpunk left you with a neon colored itch that no other game has been able to scratch yet, 343 Industries may have the cure for you. Halo Infinite’s latest event is a neon synthwave smash up where players can earn a number of cosmetics to make their Spartan stand out in any futuristic dystopia. 

The Cyber Showdown event is running until January 31. It features 10 free rewards for players to earn. Here’s everything you need to know about Halo Infinite’s Cyber Showdown, including its challenges, how to earn its rewards, and how to progress your battle pass efficiently in the process.

Attrition Game Mode: Slayer With a Twist

The Cyber Showdown event revolves around the new Attrition playlist. In Attrition, two teams of four duke it out to reduce the enemy team’s lives down to zero. Each team only has eight lives in a shared pool. When one team runs out of lives, however, they’re able to revive fallen teammates. The first team to win two rounds wins the match.

How To Win Attrition Matches

Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown tips tricks guide

Players can be revived in Attrition, but only once lives have run out.

At its core, Attrition is a fast-paced mode much like the last leg of a Slayer match. Stick to your teammates and try to pick off enemies one at a time. If your team has run out of lives, it’s even more important to stick together. Because each team only has eight lives in total, it’s relatively easy to stage a comeback, even if you’re entirely out of lives. Just stay close enough to revive fallen teammates without bunching up close enough for a grenade to end it all.

On the flip side, if you’ve depleted the enemy team’s lives, your primary goal is to prevent them from reviving downed players. Killed players drop a red floating orb that their teammates can use to revive them. When the first orb drops, try to camp near it and organize your teammates to do the same.

The enemy team should trickle in, and each one you pick off adds to the bait in your trap. Running around at the end of a round will only give the enemy team more opportunities to split you up for easy kills or revive their own teammates. Stick together as a team, and don’t get disorganized.

Cyber Showdown Event Challenges

In order to unlock event rewards, players must complete event-specific weekly challenges. Each completed challenge earns you one reward. The challenges are very similar to those of the normal battle pass, revolving around performing specific tasks while playing the new Attrition mode. 

Event challenge examples include getting three melee kills or killing 30 enemy Spartans with the Assault Rifle. Your best bet for beating these challenges is to play Attrition and focus your efforts in the early parts of rounds. After either team gets down to zero lives, start playing to win.

Halo Infinite cyber showdown event tips challenges

Looking stylish, Spartan.

It’s worth noting, however, that event challenges are given to players in the same queue that normal challenges are. After you complete the first two event challenges, your active challenge queue will automatically fill with a non-event challenge. 

This means that you’ll have to clear a non-event challenge in order to further progress along the Cyber Showdown rewards tree. While a bit tedious, the event challenges are relatively straightforward and also grant you XP similar to that of non-event challenges.

Rewards From Halo Infinite’s Cyber Showdown Event

There are a total of 10 rewards for the Cyber Showdown event, each revolving around the cyberpunk theme. Here’s a full list of them:

  • Rare Stance: Expecting Trouble
  • Epic Weapon Coating (MA40 Assault Rifle): Electric Bubblegum
  • Rare Backdrop: Cross Glitch
  • Legendary Backdrop: Brute Rock
  • Epic Armor Effect: Neon Screen
  • Epic Amor Coating: Electric Bubblegum
  • Epic Charm: Kukri
  • Epic Visor(Mark VII): Blackpool
  • Rare AI Color: Hunter Blood
  • Epic Armor Effect: Neon Hawk

New Shop Items for the Cyber Showdown Event

Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown items rewards

Head to the in-game shop for even more cyberpunk chic options.

Unlike the Battle Pass, each reward in the Cyber Showdown event pass is completely free — you just have to complete enough challenges to get it. If the free event pass rewards have you eager for some more synthwave cosmetics, there’s also a handful of new items in the shop to check out:

  • Neon Beat Epic Bundle: 
    • Epic Mythic Effect Set: Neon Beat
    • Legendary Visor: Juice
    • Epic Name Plate: Synthwave Sasquatch
    • Epic Vehicle/Armor/Weapon Emblem: Synthwave Sasquatch
    • Cost: 1,000 Credits
  • Zodiac River Epic Bundle:
    • Epic Vehicle Coating (Warthog/Razorback): Zodiac River
    • Epic Vehicle Model(Warthog): Performance Wheels
    • Cost: 500 Credits
  • Neon Superfly Epic Bundle:
    • Epic Armor Coating (Yoroi/Mark VII)): Neon Honor
    • Legendary Visor (Mark VII): Will – O’ – Wisp
    • Epic Weapon Coating (MA40 Assault Rifle/BR75 Battle Rifle): Neon Superfly
    • Epic Vehicle Coating (Wasp/Warthog/Razorback): Neon Superfly
    • Rare Stance: Combat Reload
    • Cost: 1,200 Credits

343 Industries has also stated that more items may be on the way to the store during this event as well.

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