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Turtle BeachMay 27, 2022

GTA Online Treasure Hunt Locations and How To Get Double-Action Revolver




GTA Online Treasure Hunt Locations and How To Get Double-Action Revolver


May 27, 2022

Prior to the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 Rockstar Games released a very special new update to GTA Online. It arrives as part of the games Doomsday Heist update, and added a type of ‘Treasure Hunt‘ as a new mission for players to undertake. The reward for completing this new secret GTA Online mission is the Double-Action Revolver, a new gun in homage to Rockstar’s rootin’-tootin’ new cowboy adventure.

“Rumors of a lost relic from the frontier have begun to surface, and treasure awaits those bold enough to seek it” Rockstar teased.

If you’re curious about how to get your hands on this exclusive weapon read on for a complete guide, including all the Treasure Hunt Locations you’ll need to track down.

How To Start The GTA Online Treasure Hunt

Players won’t be able to start the GTA Online Treasure Hunt for the Double-Action Revolver until they receive a random email from vanderlinde@eyefind.com. So keep an eye on your iFruit for a special in-game email containing the first clue to kick start the mission.

However, it’s worth noting that if players exit Online Mode or close the game after you start the treasure hunt, the entire mission will reset. When online free mode is started again, players will receive a new clue and location regardless of the players previous progress.

GTA Online Treasure Hunt Clue 1

When you open the email you’ll be given your first clue for the treasure hunt, which will come in the form of a black and white picture of a random location in Los Santos. The problem is, there are twenty different pictures and locations which you could be sent.  It’s completely random every single time. Rockstar will make things a little bit easier by giving you a rough location by adding a circle area on the mini-map. Go to the area and you’ll need to look for a piece of paper.

GTA Treasure Hunt Clue Locations

There are twenty possible treasure hunt locations, and we’ve listed them below:

  • Del Perro Pier
  • Mount Josiah / Cassidy Creek
  • Vinewood Hills
  • Pacific Bluffs Graveyard
  • Tongva Hills Vineyards
  • San Chianski Mountain Range
  • Great Chaparral Church
  • Cassidy Creek
  • Tataviam Mountains
  • Sandy Shores / Alamo Sea
  • Grand Senora Desert
  • San Chianski Mountain Range
  • Los Santos Golf Club
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Paleto Bay
  • Great Chaparral
  • Sandy Shores
  • Mount Chiliad
  • Tongva Hills / Two Hoots Falls
  • Sandy Shores

And if you want to match them to the picture, take a look at this gallery:

If you’ve managed to make your way to the GTA Online Treasure Hunt locations but your still finding it difficult to track down the paper note, take a look at the GTA Series Videos guide just below which will show you the precise location in-game.

The Three Clues

Unfortunately, after you’ve found the location in the photo, you won’t find the treasure. This is just the start of the treasure hunt. Next you’ll be given three fixed locations on your map which you need to go to, and with each one you’ll be given a clue for where you’ll find the treasure.

These three clues consist of a corpse, a shovel and a small lock box.

We’ve indicated their locations on the image captions just below:

Where is the double-action revolver treasure in GTA Online

After you’ve located all three of the clues you should receive an in-game message which reads: “The final location of the treasure has been revealed. Go there to unlock the chest and collect your reward.”

Head to the location on the map and you’ll find that the family members have killed each other and left the treasure chest on the ground for you. Open the treasure chest and you’ll earn your rewards: The golden double-action revolver. Finding the gun will also unlock a new challenge for players to take, which will also provide another big reward, details of which are underneath.

How to Beat The Double-Action Revolver Challenge

Once you acquire your golden Double-Action Revolver, you’ll be given the Headshot Challenge, which requires players to use the revolver to get 50 headshots.

Do this and you’ll earn an extra GTA$250,000 reward (deposited directly into your Maze-Bank account), and unlock the gun in Red Dead Redemption 2 as well (when you link your Social Club account).

You don’t need to get headshots on other players, you can get 50 headshots on NPCs if you wish, which should make the process much faster and achievable. You’ll also get an on-screen notification for every 10 headshots so you know how far you’ve got to go.

If you do want to check your progress at a later date, you need to navigate through the Pause menu with the following steps:

  • Pause menu > Stats > Weapons > Double-Action Revolver > On the final page to see your current headshot count

That’s everything you need to know about the GTA Online Treasure Hunt, however, if you’re looking for more GTA guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks and explainers.

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