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Turtle BeachSeptember 8, 2022

GTA Online Prime Gaming Rewards (September): How To Claim Benefits and More

Prime Gaming rewards are included with Amazon Prime, so if you’re already a subscriber, there’s a whole heap of benefits available to you. Not just in GTA Online, but plenty more games too.

For this page though, we’re focusing on the Prime Gaming rewards you’ll earn by playing Grand Theft Auto Online each week. Do note that Prime members receive even more rewards if they’re also signed up to GTA+ which is worth considering.

All you need to do is link your accounts to get your hands on loads of benefits. These change each month and you might find that when a new update arrives there are usually even more amazing vehicles you can get for free, or sometimes substantial discounts on new businesses.

Keep reading for all the latest rewards that you can get this week in GTA Online and throughout September 2022.

GTA Online Prime Gaming Rewards And Benefits This Week

In September 2022, Prime Members get up to GTA$500,000 each month for playing GTA Online.

Each week you play GTA Online, you’ll receive GTA$125,000 deposited in your Maze Bank account within 7-10 days.

For those wondering (we see you) the Kosatka Sonar Station Submarine is no longer a Prime Gaming Reward.

How to link Rockstar Social Club with Prime Gaming

  1. Go to the Social Club Prime Gaming page here > https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/rewards/primegaming
  2. Create your account or sign in to your Social Club Account
  3. Link your Social Club Account with your Amazon Twitch account. You may be required to enter your Twitch account details to log in
  4. Link your consoles gaming account (Be it PS4/PS5, Xbox, Steam or Epic Games Store)
  5. Your Social Club and Twitch accounts should now be linked and you can start claiming rewards

GTA Online Prime Gaming

How Long Does It Take To Get Prime Gaming Benefits On GTAO

As per Prime Gaming’s official FAQ:

“Benefits will be available once your account is in good standing and benefits have registered. It can take up to 7-10 days for benefits to initially register to your Rockstar Social Club Account. You will receive an in-game notification that you are receiving benefits with Prime Gaming once your account has been registered.

“In order to be in good standing, you must link your Amazon account to your Rockstar Games Social Club account, complete the in-game tutorial, and played for at least 30 minutes. Once your benefits have successfully registered, future content is typically granted within 72 hours of being released.”

That’s everything you need to know about the GTA Online Prime Gaming Rewards, however, if you’re looking for more GTA guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks, and explainers.

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