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Turtle BeachSeptember 12, 2022

GTA Online Playing Cards Locations and Rewards

Alongside the opening of The Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA Online, 54 individual hidden playing cards were scattered across Southern San Andreas. We’re not entirely sure why, but who knows why stuff happens in a city brimming with aliens, strangers and Freaks around every turn. Maybe some of the Casino’s playing cards got lost during construction.

It’s up to you to find these playing cards and in return you’ll be rewarded with some exclusive items, plus plenty of chips to spend at the newly opened casino.

That being said, tracking down these playing cards is no easy task, so read on for your complete guide on how to find all 54 GTA Online Playing Cards in Los Santos and Blaine County. We’ll also tell you what happens if you collect all the playing cards in GTA Online?

How to find all 54 Playing Cards in GTA Online

Players need to be on the lookout for small flat playing cards dotted across Los Santos, usually laying flat on various walls, sofas and more objects.

However, there are no markers on the map and no sound to indicate when you’re close either making it rather tricky to tell when you’re close to a playing card. They do give off a subtle glow when you get close, which makes things a bit easier, but not much.

It’s made even harder by the fact these playing cards are quite small making them somewhat tricky to spot.

With every subsequence Playing Card collectible you find you’ll receive your GTA$ and Casino Chips bonus, along with an on-screen update of how many you’ve collected so far.

GTA Online Playing Card Map Locations

If you need help finding the 54 playing card locations, don’t fear because there’s a map for that. Just below is a map showing you all 54 GTA Online playing card locations throughout Los Santos.

As with most collectables in the game, they’re pretty spread out, so be prepared to travel a lot to track them all down. Our advice would be to start at the top and make your way down, that way you can be sure you’ve not missed any by the time you hit the city.

Likewise, for the sake of not having other players jump you at any point, it might be wise to start an Invite Only session. Also, ditch the car and grab yourself a helicopter so you can complete your scavenger hunt as quickly as possible. A helicopter will also make it much easier for any collectables that are found on top of buildings or awkward to reach areas.

If you would prefer to use an interactive map, then we suggest using the one on GTAWeb.eu, as you can mark off the collectables as you progress to make sure you don’t miss any. Lord knows you don’t want to get to 53 and forget which one you’ve managed to miss.

You’ll know when you’ve found all 54 as you’ll get a notification which reads: “A new deck of special Playing Cards is now available on the private table inside The Diamond Casino & Resort Penthouse. The High Roller Outfit has been unlocked and added to your wardrobe.”

GTA Online Playing Card Locations Video Guide

Once again the team at GTA Series Videos has pulled together a fantastic video guide showing you the precise locations of all 54 Playing Card Collectibles scattered across the Los Santos area.

If you prefer watching a video to show you where to look rather than using an interactive map, this is the video for you. There are also time stamps for each card in the video’s comment section.


GTA Online Playing Cards Rewards

What happens if you collect all the playing cards in GTA Online? Well, first and foremost you’ll earn RP and casino chips for each card you track down across Los Santos. The amount of casino chips you earn will increase depending on how many cards you find.

You’ll earn 100 chips for each of the first five cards you pick up. Then you’ll earn 50 chips more for each subsequent card you collect. So that’s 150 casino chips for the sixth card, 200 casino chips for seventh, and so on and so forth. The 54th Playing Card you earn will reward you with 2,550 Casino Chips. In total, you’ll earn 66,650 Casino Chips for picking up all cards.

As an added bonus, anyone who successfully obtains all 54 Playing Cards in GTA Online will unlock the following extras:

  • The High Roller Outfit
  • A unique set of playing cards for your Penthouse suite Private Dealer to use at the table (requires Private Dealer upgrade).

You can also grab the Collector’s Bag for free in Red Dead Online along with a unique variant of the Cardenas Poncho. However, in order to receive these bonuses you’ll need to have linked both your Red Dead Online and GTA Online accounts at the Social Club.

That’s everything you need to know about the GTA Online Playing Cards, however, if you’re looking for more GTA guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks, and explainers.

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