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Turtle BeachSeptember 12, 2022

GTA Online Action Figures: Locations and Rewards for ALL 100 Collectibles

GTA Online Action Figures were added into the game following the release of The Diamond Casino & Resort update, but this particular collectible isn’t the easiest to complete. That’s because there are 100 to track down!

You’ll know the mission is available when you receive a text from the owner of the Hardcore Comic Store in West Vinewood. The text reads:

“Hey, u dont know me but Lester gave me ur number. I run the hardcore comic store on eclipse and last night my nemesis stole like my whole collection of mint condition action figures and then he responded to my lifeinvader emergency status and he was like LMAO ULL NVR FIND THEM so I went to the police but they just laughed like a lot. Anyway can u plz find them for me? If u do I’ll hook u up with the good shit.”

If you’re wondering where to look and what rewards you’ll earn for finding all 100 GTA Online Action Figures, read on for our complete guide.

How To Find GTA Online Action Figures

The first thing you need to know is that the 100 action figures are scattered all over San Andreas, both inside and outside of buildings too.

To make things a bit easier, the Action Figures are pretty big, or at least they’re bigger than the Playing Cards or LD Organics Product.

The action figures all look different too, with various They also look quite different, with action figures resembling the Republican Space Rangers, Impotent Rage, Princess Robot Bubblegum, Aliens, Monkeys, the Beast and Bigfoot.

It’s worth noting that the last two action figures (the Beast and Bigfoot) will only spawn once you’ve collected the other 98 Action Figures. The Best and Bigfoot collectibles will both spawn in Thomson Scrapyard in the Grand Senora Desert.

With every Action Figure collectible you find you’ll receive a GTA$ and RP bonus, along with an on-screen update of how many you’ve collected so far.

GTA Online Action Figures Map Locations

If you need help finding the Action Figure locations, don’t fear because there’s a map for that! Just below is a map showing you the locations of all 100 GTA Online Action Figures.

As with most collectables in the game, they’re pretty spread out, so be prepared to travel a lot to track them all down. Our advice would be to start at the top and make your way down, that way you can be sure you’ve not missed any by the time you hit the city.

Likewise, for the sake of not having other players jump you at any point, it might be wise to start an Invite Only session. Also, ditch the car and grab yourself a helicopter so you can complete your scavenger hunt as quickly as possible. A helicopter will also make it much easier for any collectables that are found on top of buildings or awkward to reach areas.

If you would prefer to use an interactive map, then we suggest using the one on GTAWeb.eu, as you can mark off the collectables as you progress to make sure you don’t miss any. Lord knows you don’t want to get to 99 and forget which one you’ve managed to miss.

GTA Online Action Figures Locations Video Guide

Once again the team at GTA Series Videos has pulled together a fantastic video guide showing you the precise locations of all 100 Action Figures scattered across the Los Santos area.

If you prefer watching a video to show you where to look rather than using an interactive map, this is the video for you.


GTA Online Action Figures Rewards

What do you get when you collect an action figure in GTA Online?

Well for starts, every action figure you collect will reward you with GTA$1,000 and 1000 RP. If you collect all 100 action figures you will also earn an additional GTA$50,000 bonus which will be deposited into your Maze Bank account.

In total, this means that if players were to collect all 100 action figures they could earn a massive GTA$150,000 and 100,000 RP.

On top of this, after collecting all 100 you should receive a text from the Hardcore Comic Store which reads: “Lester said u could get it done. I am so so grateful. Stop by the store asap. I got something money cant buy to give u.”

Head inside the store and it will trigger a cutscene, and you’ll exit the store wearing an Impotent Rage outfit. The Impotent Rage hairstyle will also be unlocked at any barber shop.

That’s everything you need to know about the GTA Online Action Figures, however, if you’re looking for more GTA guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks, and explainers.

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