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Turtle BeachMarch 28, 2022

GTA 5's Franklin Reveals What He Wants To See From GTA 6


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GTA 5’s Franklin Reveals What He Wants To See From GTA 6


March 28, 2022

After numerous years of waiting, earlier this year Rockstar Games finally announced the news that all GTA fans wanted to hear; confirming that Development the next Grand Theft Auto game is in development. Better still, it’s not just getting started, as Rockstar said in a blog post that the new project is “well underway”.

How far along that development pathway isn’t clear right now, and we suspect GTA 6 will still likely be a good few years away from launch, especially with Rockstar’s habit of delaying a game’s release to add extra polish. Whilst we’ve no doubt we’ll see and hear a lot of rumours before Rockstar does finally reveal anything, there’s one former GTA actor who is keen to share what he would like to see from the next instalment.

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Speaking in an interview with the YouTuber SAY CHEESE (via Dexerto), Shawn Fonteno -who is best known for playing Franklin in GTA 5 – discussed what sort of changes he’d make and characters he’d like to see involved.

“Man I think GTA 6, it should be – they should merge it, man. I don’t care what age they are, whether they’re old now, they gotta bring them back. I think they should bring everyone back for this one little reunion,” said Shawn.

“Make one big nice reunion for Grand Theft Auto where you can get on a plane and go to different areas. You can fly from Los Santos to Liberty City, to Vice City and you can go around and see what these old characters and catch up with them when they’re older age living the older life. Like if I could catch up with CJ, he’d be about 40 now, that’s still an age where you want to know what the f**k he’s doing.”

“I definitely want them to bring me back,” Fonteno admitted. “Sh*t bring me back, if I have my say bring me back!”

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Back in 2021, known industry insider Tom Henderson announced that he’d heard from sources that Grand Theft Auto VI is launching in 2025 with two protagonists and an evolving map.

This appeared to also be corroborated by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier. Writing on Twitter Schreier suggested that “everything” Tom Henderson’s previously stated matched up with his own information. More specifically, he confirmed:

“[I don’t know] why everyone thinks that I said GTA VI was coming in 2023. Everything Tom Henderson has said about the game matches up with what I’ve heard.”


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The subscription service will combine PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus into one service that could offer backwards compatibility features too.


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