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Turtle BeachJune 7, 2019

Get Creative with Super Mario Maker 2

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Become the ultimate builder with Super Mario Maker 2 and create the perfect course, puzzle, or challenge!

Get Creative with Super Mario Maker 2

It’s time to get your construction hat on because Super Mario Maker 2 is coming! The original Super Mario Maker first launched four years ago on the Wii U, and since then, players have experienced hundreds of thousands of user-created courses. With Super Mario Maker 2 on the way, let’s look at what’s on offer in Nintendo’s DIY Mario course creator!

What is Super Mario Maker?


For the uninitiated, Super Mario Maker is a game developed by Nintendo that features everyone’s favorite plumber. However, instead of only offering a Nintendo-curated experience to save Princess Peach once more, players are given all the creative freedom they’ve ever wanted. Super Mario Maker lets you create and play your own side-scrolling Mario courses or play courses other players have created.

Creating a Course

The fun of Super Mario Maker 2 is in the creation of courses and levels. Players can create something as simple as the first ever level of Super Mario Bros. or as complicated and convoluted as they please. The trick is to know what tools you have available and how they all work. This is also the exciting part, working out how everything fits together. With so many different objects to use, you can create some truly incredible levels.

Picking the right tool

In Super Mario Maker 2, you have so many tools to use to build any course your imagination can come up with. There are almost too many to mention, so here are some of our favorites!

  • On/Off Switches

These switches allow you to turn “off” blocks and turn “on” others. This is great if you want to block access to an area with the only way through being to hit a switch. Be careful though, as some items will activate an on/off switch as well.

  • Dry Bone shells

This new item is a shell from the skeletal Dry Bones. Jump in it and take it for a spin! Unlike other types of “vehicles” the Dry Bone shell lets you traverse lava. In fact, it has another use: making you completely invulnerable for a short time.

  • Vertical Sub-areas

Another way of creating courses is to use a vertical sub-area. These areas travel vertically, as opposed to horizontally like the traditional side-scrolling Mario. This offers a nice little twist to the norm and should offer some unique options for creators.

  • Night time and day time

The night time and day time tool is probably one of the coolest features yet. By changing the sun to a moon, you can change the effects of various themes. Not only will they be dark, but the lakes of the forest will have poison instead of water, the snowy landscapes will turn to ice and become slippery, and the underground theme will be upside down!

Co-op Creativity!

What’s better than creating a course by yourself? Creating it with a friend! You can now use the Joy-cons to create levels with a friend. Work together to craft some truly devilish levels that will challenge even the most hardcore Super Mario players.

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Builder’s Block

Sometimes even the best writer get a block now and again, and even the best builders get stuck on an idea. Fear not, for Super Mario Maker 2 has some tricks up its sleeve to ensure there’s never a moment where you don’t know what to do. Introducing the story mode, where you must assist Toad and Toadette in rebuilding Princess Peach’s castle!

There are over 100 courses to play as you help Toad rebuild the castle. Each of these levels is designed by expert Nintendo Mario level creators, so expect the best of the best. As you progress through the story, you will meet new characters who will have even more courses for you to try out. Teaching you not only new layouts, but new options and items to place!

Course World

Finding a level to play has never been easier thanks to Course World. This hub is where all the levels come together in an easy-to-find system. You can browse through popular courses, new courses, and even create search parameters to find something that scratches an itch. Want to play puzzle levels or speed runs? There are tags for that!

Multiplayer fun

Finally, what would Super Mario Maker 2 be without multiplayer? You can enjoy the thrill of user-created levels cooperatively or in a competitive mode. You will need to keep your wits about you, as the first player to reach the finish is crowned the champion. What’s more, get your friends together with their Switches and you can host a room and share the experience.

The real treat of Super Mario Maker 2 will be seeing how players mix all these functions together to create truly ingenious courses. We can’t wait to see what players come up with once Super Mario Maker 2 hits Nintendo Switch on June 28.

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