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The battle royale genre continues to grow, so here are a few games we could imagine having their own version of the popular mode!

The battle royale game mode has eclipsed its humble beginnings and has evolved into a full-blown genre all its own. After the success of H1Z1, gamers were blessed with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, arguably one of the best battle royale games to ever release. Following in Bluehole’s footsteps was Epic Games with their sensational pivot with Fortnite. Since then, there have been a handful of other titles looking to throw their hat in the ring, Hunt: Showdown, The Darwin Project, and Radical Heights. But what about games that already exist? What games out there could we imagine having a battle royale mode?


A battle royale mode in Destiny 2 could be amazing.

The Destiny franchise started as a game that no one really knew how to approach. It was unlike anything that had ever been done on console, and it grew a rabid fanbase. Then Destiny 2 came along, and despite some missteps, Bungie is throwing all their love and passion into making it the game players want. It might seem like a wild idea – and that’s because it is – but Destiny is a series that could very easily house a battle royale mode.

With large open worlds, hundreds of weapons, and dozens of abilities to unlock, Destiny could very easily pit players on an island and task them with collecting resources and killing enemies. Players could collect abilities from PUBG-like crate-drops and craft unique mixes of abilities, like the Warlock jump with Hunter grenades, and arm themselves with all manner of weaponry.

Gears of War

Gears of War and battle royale.

This is a franchise that has all the right tools in place to be the most intense and gory battle royale mode anyone has ever seen. The reason why Gears of War multiplayer is so good is thanks to its arena-style setup, where players can improve their loadouts by finding weapons already on the ground. It harkens back to the days of Quake and Unreal Tournament-style multiplayer. Take it one step further though, and have players spawn in with no weapons, throw in an ever-present environmental threat, and you have the perfect boiling pot for a battle royale mode.

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With so much craziness going on in one game, it’s no easy task to come up with new things we would like to see added, but that hasn’t stopped us from trying….

We can just imagine it now. Sitting in front of our Xbox One, decked out with a Stealth 700, and relying on Windows Sonic virtual surround sound to help us locate a roadie-running player around the corner. Final kills would look extremely gruesome, especially if someone was able to pull off a Lancer saw kill. We need this.

Ghost Recon

Ghost Recon Wildlands and Battle Royale.

Ghost Recon is a definite favorite for us here at Turtle Beach. The mixture of vast open world with stealth makes for an intense experience that makes you rely just as heavily on the sound from the environment as it does your technology. With Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Ubisoft delivered a knockout title that took a lot of players by surprise. The multiplayer mode capitalized on the dense foliage of the region, but Ubisoft could take it one step further.

Take a portion of the huge Bolivia territory, allow Ghosts to drop in from the air, and give them a time limit before the area starts shrinking, and you’re good to go. Players can already find powerful gear by exploring the environment, so it’s got the basics sorted for an exceptionally stealthy battle royale game mode. It even has 4-player coop, so the squad system is ready!

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront and Battle Royale.

Finally, the last game we would love to see house a battle royale mode is none other than the addictive Star Wars Battlefront series. The team over at DICE have done a stunning job at capturing the Star Wars universe and letting players fight within it using all manner of weaponry. Imagine taking to the snowy plateaus of Hoth, hunkering down in the ice, and picking off other players.

Then there are locations like Endor and Theed, both offering vastly different play-spaces for players to experience. A strategy that might work in the lush jungles might not translate well into the vast and imposing structures in the capital of Naboo. It’s an exciting thought, being stranded in these locations, scouring for weapons in order to fight to the bitter end.

Players looking for intense gaming experiences should look no further than the battle royale genre. Having to scour for loot, while keeping an eye on an ever-present threat, all while fending off against other players is something we can’t get enough of. While these games might never have their own battle royale mode, it’s fun to think what it would be like if they did. What games do you think would make for interesting battle royale experiences?

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