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Turtle BeachJune 21, 2021

Fortnite 17.10 Patch Notes: Release Date, Skins, Cosmic Summer Celebration Event, New Weapons, Map Changes And Everything You Need To Know

The first update of Season 7 goes live soon!

Update 17.10 is going live in Fortnite thTODAY. As the Invasion takes over the island, players are exploring all of the out-of-this-world content on offer.

Fortnite are hosting a Cosmic Summer Celebration to welcome our friends from outer space at Believer Beach.

With this being the first post-launch update, we can expect plenty of changes including new content, bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Here are the patch notes for the 17.10 update in Fortnite.

Release Date

The next update is expected to arrive on the 22nd June 2021.

Maintenance traditionally begins at the following times:

  • 12.30 AM PT

  • 2.30 PM CT

  • 3.30AM ET

  • 8.30AM BST

  • 9.30AM CEST

  • 4.30PM JST

  • 5.30PM AEST

  • 7.30PM NZST


In season updates usually range between 1-5GB depending on the significance of the update and the platform.

We'll update you once the sizes are known.

Cosmic Summer Celebration Event

What Is The Cosmic Summer Celebration Event?

Fortnite have announced that they're hosting a new event to celebrate Summer and our new friends from outer space.

Titled 'Cosmic Summer Celebration', this in-game event will take place on the 22nd June at 9AM ET on Believer Beach. It is believed to run for two weeks.

They have yet to confirm the details, but they have teased that this new event will include new quests, rewards and a whole lot of fun!

It's no surprise to see Fortnite run a seasonal event as they tend to do this often.

Patch Notes


Competitive pre-season will come to and end with the new update and Arena Hype points will be reset.

New Content

If you were watching the Battle Pass Trailer carefully, you'll probably have spotted a few items that haven't yet released in-game.

These included:

  • Rick's Cowinator - this lifts objects and throws them
  • Plasma Shotgun
  • No Gravity Throwable

Big thank you to @HYPEX for pointing these out.

We may also get the 'Bad News' heavy weapon as the killfeed reads the following:

  • [PlayerName] ZAPPED themselves to oblivion
  • [PlayerName] ZAPPED [EnemyName] (Distance)
  • [PlayerName] nearly ZAPPED [EnemyName] (Distance)

Credit goes to @HYPEX again.

Bug Fixes

According to the Fortnite Community Trello board, here's what's being updated in the next update:

  • General Issues
    • Item Shop update notice not clearing
  • Battle Royale Issues
    • Taking damage through cars while in motion
    • Ability to change loot pools in Battle Lab temporarily disabled
    • Character collection book incompletable due to missing entries
    • Saucers may become inoperable if a beamed-up object falls on it
  • Creative Issues
    • HUD controller device join in progress
    • Images are cut off in the discover tab
    • Player can encounter infinite loading screen when flying out of island
    • Asset memory size not showing in pre-place mode on XL islands
  • Save The World Issues
    • Melee hits aren't registering on Melee Weapons for PC

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