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Turtle BeachFebruary 8, 2022

Dying Light 2 - Safe Locations and Codes


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Safe code roundup!

Dying Light 2 – Safe Locations and Codes


February 8, 2022

Dying Light 2 is chock full of surprises. Some come in the form of locked safes scattered around Villedor, filled with valuable yet inaccessible loot. While most of the safes we have found can be opened with a bit of sleuthing around their room for clues or questing, they can also be accessed simply by inputting the correct combination. Here are the locations and combinations for all the safes we know about in Dying Light 2.

First Biomarker Quest / Saint Joseph Hospital Safe

Dying Light 2 safe locations and codes

The First Biomarker side quest given by McGregor in Houndfield requires the player to open a safe inside Saint Joseph hospital to find a Biomarker. The quest marker leads directly to the safe, and the room it’s housed in has a few clues scattered around that, when deciphered, give you the safe’s three digit code. Or, you can just use the numbers below.

  • Code: 9 -7 – 3

Treasure Hunt Quest / Water Tower Safe

If you keep the map after the Deserter quest, you’ll unlock the Treasure Hunt quest. This asks the player to unscramble a set of messages to come up with the code, and eventually leads them to the basement of the wharf water tower at Muddy Ground. Once there, you’ll need to dive into the water to uncover the safe.

  • Code:  03 – 21 – 67

Houndfield Nightrunner’s Hideout Safe

Dying Light 2 safe locations and codes

You’ll find a Nightrunner’s Hideout with a yellow lawn crossed by two dirt paths in a “T” shape in Houndfield near its joint border between Trinity and Quarry End. At the end of the path is a Neoclassical building with Roman columns and a partially boarded up entrance. Go into the building, hang right, and on the far table will be a safe.

  • Code: 1 – 0 – 1

Damn Nightrunner’s Hideout

There’s another Nightrunner’s Hideout near the dam that you may stumble upon when meeting Dr. Veronika. The safe is located in a boarded up trailer inside the hideout.

  • Code: 9 – 6 – 6

Downtown Thugs Bandit Camp 

Dying Light 2 safe locations and codes

For this safe, you can either take out the Bandits in the downtown thugs camp or just try to be sneaky about it. Either way, you’ll need to do some parkouring up to the top of the Military Airdrop building. Once on the roof, enter the rooftop level room and walk until you find a hallway that leads to a lower level. Fall to that lower level and the safe will be on a desk.

  • Code: 3 -1 – 3

Moonshine Quest / Horseshoe Water Tower Safe

If you don’t kill Jack and Joe during the Water Tower quest, you’ll receive the Moonshine quest while in prison. Following the quest will eventually lead you directly to the safe via a map marker. If you do kill Jack and Joe, just head over to the Horseshoe Water Tower in Horseshoe and take the lift up. From there, you’ll need to make your way down to a jutting out rampart with a green door — the safe is in that room.

  • Code: 14- 9 – 2

Broadcast Quest  / Garrison Electrical Station Safe

The Garrison Electrical Station safe is fairly simple to find in Dying Light 2 — the Broadcast quest will lead you right to it. Once inside, however, you’ll need to power on the three terminals to open up their corresponding gates. Behind C, you’ll find the safe.

  • Code: 3 -1 – 4

Broadcast Quest / VNC Tower

The Broadcast quest will also lead you to the VNC tower. At the top of the tower you’ll find a safe with a quirky Slipknot reference for a clue. If you’re not a Slipknot fan, don’t worry — we have the devilish code below.

  • Code: 6 – 6 – 6

Old Villedor Bazaar Church Tower 

For this safe, you’ll need to head over to the church in the Old Villedor Bazaar. Parkour your way up the church until you’re on the roof. From there, find your way into and up the church’s tower and you’ll find a safe sitting on a table.

  • Code: 5 – 1 – 0

New Dawn Park Safe

The building in New Dawn Park closest to the border between Downtown and Garrison has a safe lurking in it. Parkour your way up to the third level and go inside. Search around for a grey cabinet, and inside will be a safe.

  • Code: 10 – 28 – 64

Saint Thomas Church Safe

The Church of Saint Thomas The Apostle also has a safe in it. For this one, you’ll also need to parkour your way up the tower. In one of the higher rooms of the tower you’ll find the safe on top of a wooden box.

  • Code: 4 – 4 – 4

Muddy Grounds and Wharf Border Safe

There’s a safe in a building right on the border between Muddy Grounds and The Wharf. You’ll find it on top of a small bookshelf flanked on both sides by large storage shelves. The code for this one is the binary equivalent of 42 — the meaning of life in Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  • Code: 10 – 10 – 10

Brewery Settlement Truck Safe

For this safe, you’ll need to head to the Brewery settlement in The Wharf. From there, make your way out onto the highway ruins and look for a truck — the safe will be in it.

  • Code: 74 – 17 – 76

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