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Turtle BeachAugust 9, 2022

Is Diablo Immortal Coming To Nintendo Switch?




Is Diablo Immortal Coming To Nintendo Switch?


August 9, 2022

Like it or not, everyone is talking about Diablo Immortal. In some cases, in not particularly flattering terms given the level of microtransactions involved in the game. But if you try to put a pin in that, there is a decent enough game hidden underneath the grubby free-to-play model.

“We’re thrilled to now be able to put the newest entry in the Diablo series in players’ hands,” said Mike Ybarra, president of Blizzard Entertainment when the game launched in June 2022. “The visceral gameplay, dark story, and depth of character customization that Diablo is known for are all here in Diablo Immortal. And with this being a AAA free-to-play Blizzard game, it was important to us to give players a full and highly engaging core game experience—including upcoming features, character classes, story, and more—completely free.”

The thing is, some players might not have a mobile device with the requirements to play the game, or equally, some people might not enjoy playing games on mobile devices. So naturally, we think there will be some Nintendo Switch owners wondering if the game is due to arrive on the portable console. After all, it can support Diablo 3. Read on for everything you need to know.

Can You Play Diablo Immortal On Nintendo Switch?

At the time of writing Diablo Immortal is not available to play on Nintendo Switch Consoles. Likewise, Blizzard Entertainment has not confirmed a release date for the game on Nintendo Switch.

What we will say though, is that it was believed that the game was originally intended as exclusive to mobile platforms, however, it did surprise many fans of the game to learn that it would also be coming to PC.

So where does this leave Switch players? Well, we do know that Blizzard is aware of interest in a Switch port. Back in 2019 Diablo Immortal Lead Game Designer Wyatt Cheng commented on Switch support on Reddit, writing:

Switch is not currently planned but you’re not alone in wanting that. This weekend I got a lot of requests for a Switch version.

Diablo Immortal Cosmetics Horadim

Well, as a massively multiplayer online action-RPG, the game will thrive on having more players. Equally, as a free-to-play game, it will make more money if Blizzard puts it in the hands of as many people as possible. Even if we would advise they dial back how aggressive those microtransactions are currently.

For this reason, and this reason alone, we think it’s possible we see the game launch on Nintendo Switch at some point in the future. We doubt it’ll arrive right away, and would suggest that we won’t see the game launch on Switch platforms until a good few months after the original release date.

We would suggest keeping an eye out for news on the game towards the end of 2022, potentially as part of a Nintendo Direct.

That’s everything you need to know for this Diablo Immortal guide, but if you’re looking for more Diablo Immortal guides, builds and tips then you’ll find plenty more help on the links below.

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