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Turtle BeachMay 28, 2022

Destiny 2: All Calus Repressed Memories Locations




Destiny 2: All Calus Repressed Memories Locations


May 28, 2022

Earlier this week Bungie released Season of the Haunted for Destiny 2, where players face the return of Calus’s corrupted space vessel, the Leviathan. Guardians are currently confronting the Nightmares of the past, embracing updated Solar subclasses with Solar 3.0, and wielding a scythe like the Grim Reaper.

But that’s not all, because on Friday the team released the first of two dungeons included in The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition. This first Dungeon is called Duality and sees Guardians diving into the warring mindscapes of the exiled Cabal Emperor Calus to pull off a daring mind-heist and steal his darkest secrets.

Including Calus Repressed Memories. Read on and we’ll show you where to find all 12.

Where to find all Calus Repressed Memories in Destiny 2 Duality Dungeon

As you might imagine, Guardians have a chance to earn dungeon-specific loot such as new Legendary armor and weapons, an Exotic weapon and catalyst, and more.

The most coveted item is arguably the new Heartshadow sword.

Ultimately though, the Heartshadow is a random drop from the final encounter in the Duality raid, but thankfully there is ways to increase the drop rate by completing triumphs. One of these includes tracking down all 12 of Calus Repressed Memories collectibles.

Just below you’ll find a full video guide showing you the specific location fo all 12 collectibles, but if you’re looking for one specifically, follow the list below:

  • 00:00 – #1 Entrance Encounter
  • 01:00 – #2 Entrance Encounter
  • 01:41 – #3 Entrance Encounter
  • 02:20 – #4 Before Nightmare of Gahlran Boss Fight
  • 02:45 – #5 After Nightmare of Gahlran Boss Fight
  • 03:04 – #6 Navigate the Crypt
  • 03:52 – #7 Navigate the Crypt
  • 04:08 – #8 Circle Room With 4 Statues
  • 04:30 – #9 After Unlock the Vault Encounter
  • 05:04 – #10 Navigate the Vault
  • 05:20 – #11 Navigate the Vault
  • 05:44 – #12 Before Dropdown to Final Boss


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