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Turtle BeachJune 23, 2021

Battlefield 2042 Weapon List: New And Returning Weapons

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The latest entry into the Battlefield franchise is set in a world rocked by climate change. But just because the franchise is heading to the future doesn't mean the game won't include some nods to the past. Battlefield 2042 is set to include classic guns from across the series, as well as some new toys to play with. Here’s what we know about the weapons of Battlefield 2042 so far.

Battlefield 2042: New and Returning Weapons

AK-24: The Latest AK-47 Variant

Just as its reveal trailer included an homage to the infamous rendezook, Battlefield 2042 is including an updated version of another classic: the AK-24. Battlefield 4 veterans will remember the beefed up AK-47 well, as it was the default rifle for the assault class in multiplayer. It was a decent gun, too, offering players solid firepower with low recoil at mid-to-long ranges. The gun faltered in close quarters, however, where weapons with a higher fire rate could easily overpower it.

There are quite a few variants of the AK-24 in real life (known as the AK-12), such as the RPK and AKU. It will be interesting to see if Battlefield 2042 includes more of these variants or opts for a futuristic spin on the AK platform.

Model 870 Shotgun Returns

If you’re a fan of the Battlefield franchise then you've probably heard of the Remington Model 870 shotgun. The 870 has been in the series since Battlefield: Bad Company, only skipping over Battlefield 1. That omission makes sense, though, given the gun hadn't been invented in time for World War 1.

The Model 870 was created in 1951, which makes its service in the year 2042 seem like a bit of a stretch. But in Battlefield 4, the shotgun was easily able to go toe-to-toe with lighter, higher-fire-rate SMGs. Hopefully we'll see some advanced attachments for the shotgun that make it a solid pick in a firefight.

TG-24: In With The New

Sniper rifles have always been a staple in the Battlefield series. The franchise's focus on large maps has given the long-range bullet hurlers a real chance to shine without making them overpowered. Battlefield 2042's gameplay reveal trailer didn't give us a look at any of the series' staple sniper rifles, but it did give us something better: two new ones.

In the trailer, a soldier uses a grappling hook gun to pull his way up to the top of a construction crane. Up top he sees a friendly ally finishing off an enemy outposted at the crane’s edge. From there, he looks out onto the sand-covered cityscape as a dust storm approaches. After putting away his grappling hook gun, the soldier pulls out the TG-24 sniper rifle.

We don't know much about the TG-24 sniper rifle yet, other than its general look and layout. Speculation suggests it is based on the Finnish bolt-action Sako TRG M10. The sniper rifle will hold 10 bullets per magazine, with an additional 34 on hand — assuming the soldier in the trailer had yet to fire any. Given the lack of a scope on the TG-24, it's a good guess that the gun will have a mid-to-high fire rate for a sniper rifle.

M5A3 and 4V9: Future Assault Rifles

The gameplay reveal trailer showed off more assault rifles than any other type of gun. Two of the best looking weapons were the M5A3 and the 4V9. Both guns were shown back to back, with the player carrying them while running through a destroyed, sand-riddled city.

The M5A3 looks like it will have magazines that carry over 30 rounds each, whereas the 4V9 appears to only hold 17 rounds per mag. We never get to see the player shoot either gun, but judging by the absolute slog the soldiers are caught in, both should be great for mid-to-long ranges.

K30 SMG: Small and Mighty

Despite a plethora of weapons on show, we didn't actually get to see that many guns used in the gameplay reveal trailer. A notable exception to this was the K30. The player rode a zipline from one derelict building to another, holding the K30 in one hand while doing so.

Right as they landed on the rooftop, they began zeroing in on enemies and firing off small bursts. With a magazine size well over 50 bullets, the K30 seems like it will have a commanding presence in close-range combat.

Only the Beginning

The reveal and gameplay trailers for Battlefield 2042 teased only a fraction of the guns we can expect to see in the final game. Judging by what we did see, players will have a lot to look forward to in this next installment thanks to both new and returning weapons.

Check out the writer, Nicolas Perez, on Twitter @Nic_Perez_.

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