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Turtle BeachNovember 5, 2021

All Vanguard Operators And How To Unlock Them

Which one is your favorite?

Call of Duty Vanguard is the latest entry into the legendary franchise, and Sledgehammer Games is once again at the helm of the fps.

A new feature that was implemented a few year's ago, you'll have the choice of certain Operators or skins to use while playing multiplayer or Warzone.

Here's all the Operator skins coming to Vanguard and how to unlock them.

All Vanguard Operators and how to unlock them

Operators have taken storm of CODs in-game shop in recent year's, as they're basically the skins you'll be wearing that other players will see while in a match.

There have been some crazy ones released throughout time, and Vanguard is going to be bringing 12 at release, and we can assume new skins will be added as the months go on.

Here's every Operator and how to unlock them in Vanguard:

  • Daniel - get 200 Marksman Rifle Kills
  • Wade - get 100 Headshots
  • Halima - get 50 prone kills
  • Polina - get 200 sniper kills
  • Solange - get 10 double kills
  • Shigenori - perform 25 finishing moves
  • Roland - get 300 AR kills
  • Lucas - get 100 hipfire kills
  • Beatrice - get 5 kills without dying 10 times
  • Arthur - get 10 kills with killstreaks
  • Constanze - get 300 LMG kills
  • Padmavati - get 200 shotgun kills

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