Stealth 350vr

Playstation® VR | PS4™ | Oculus Rift | HTC Vive | Nintendo Switch

Immerse yourself even further in your new Virtual Reality world with the Turtle Beach Stealth 350VR Headset. Created specifically for VR, the 350VR’s ergonomic design leaves room for your VR headband and cables, while its 50mm speakers fill your ears with a rich, dynamic sound that is as alive as your screen.

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Designed for the VR Gaming World

The Turtle Beach 350VR headset delivers an unmatched audio experience that lets you fully enjoy your new VR world. Premium audio amplification delivers increased volume and bass while on-board audio controls keep you in the experience for total immersion. The 350VR is also designed specifically to work with VR headsets including PlayStation® VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. An ergonomic over-the-ear design and headband clearance maximizes comfort and ease of use so your entire VR gaming experience is better.