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Visually build any app with Remix and Builder.io

Compose with your components

This is a custom component written with React and registered in Builder. You can register any code components for drag-and-drop editing.

Create Builder pages in your app

This is an example page created in Builder. Start here to review how your integration works and create new pages in your app.

Register your Remix components

Register your Remix components in Builder. You can drag and drop any custom component from the Visual Editor onto a page.

Integrate common use cases

Reference how you can use Builder for your blog, eCommerce product listings, or for your entire site.

Tour the Visual Editor

Check out the UI of the Visual Editor and compose complex layouts without writing any code.

Learn the building blocks

Creating content in Builder uses a flexible toolset of no-code blocks that you can use to create almost anything.

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Giveaways, gaming gear, our discord channel and more:

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