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Turtle BeachApril 4, 2022

Dr Disrespect Claims Fortnite No-Build Mode Is Held Back By One Thing


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Dr Disrespect Claims Fortnite No-Build Mode Is Held Back By One Thing


April 4, 2022

Last month Epic Games did the unthinkable and removed building from the battle royal game, in what some might view as a controversial move. But it also seemed to prove pretty popular, especially for those players who a) didn’t have the time to learn to master building, b) simply didn’t care for building in the first place or c) was downright awful at building (hey look, it’s me!)

Whilst the decision to remove building was originally motivated by the game’s new season narrative, it was eventually added as a permanent mode last week, and surprisingly, the decision has been pretty positive. In fact, one unlikely fan of the new gamemode is Dr Disrespect, who’s been pretty damning of the game in the past.

Despite Doc admitting he’s found the new mode fun to play, he’s still adamant that there’s one thing holding it back: Aim Assist.

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“I feel like the Fortnite no-build mode was built for me,” Doc wrote on Twitter.

“Super athletic, high mobility, slide 360 sniper shots, shotty in your face etc etc. Just sucks aim assist controller junky kids are intermixed.

To be fair to him, this isn’t the first time the champ has complained about aim assist in games, laying into Call of Duty and Apex Legends previously.

“At this point, you might as well just call it hacks,” he added. “It’s like a version of hacks. Except they’re not all headshots, but all the bullets do go onto your body.”

Fortnite no build mode

If the new no build mode hasn’t been your particular cup of tea, you might be wondering when building is actually coming back to Fortnite. Well good news, it’s already returned! That’s because completely out of the blue Epic Games re-enabled building for the game’s casual queue over the weekend.

This shouldn’t be a complete shock, since the move wasn’t meant to be permanent, but looking to the future, players should keep an eye out for the next major update, which should be set to drop this week, with the release for Fortnite Update 20.10.

Who knows what they’ll add or change next, but unfortunately for Doc, we doubt they’ll be getting rid of aim assist anytime soon.

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